1. Everett in Motion graphic

    Everett in Motion

    Help keep Everett in Motion with our new and improved reward program! The next time you need to run an errand, visit a friend or travel to work, choose to walk, ride your bike, take the bus or carpool with a friend. Get the scoop!
  1. ETA [Home Spotlight - Updated 11.6.18]

    Everett Transit Arrivals

    Everett Transit Arrivals (ETA) is an automated system that provides real-time bus arrival information. You can use the ETA system anytime, for any stop served by Everett Transit. All you need is a phone and bus stop number.
  1. March Service Change [2019]

    New schedules are available now!

    Plan your trips to explore Everett this Spring and Summer by accessing the March 2019 Schedule Book. Click HERE to learn more.