About Everett Station

What Is Everett Station?

  • Multi-modal, multi-use building
  • Transportation hub
  • Career development center
  • Gathering place for community events.

Everett Station, a 64,000 square foot structure, took only 3 years to build and cost $44 million. It is also home to Amtrak, Espresso Americano, Everett Transit, Greyhound and WorkSource.

Learn about the history of Everett Station at HistoryLink.org.

Other Services at Everett Station

  • Security
  • Amtrak ticket machine
  • ATM
  • Bike lockers and racks
  • ORCA fare vending machines
  • Pay phones
  • Public restrooms
  • Sounder Train ticket machine
  • Telephones
  • Vending machines


There are over 900 parking spaces located north, south and west of the building. Additional parking is located on the east side of the building over the pedestrian overpass and is accessed by car from Fulton Street. Learn more on our Driving Directions & Parking page.