Safe Place

Everett Transit and Cocoon House have partnered with National Safe Place, a program designed to facilitate access to supportive resources for young people in crisis.

The well-known red and gray buses now display the Safe Place logo, making them easily identifiable as a safe point of contact. Everett Transit is the 2nd public transportation agency in the state to support the Safe Place network. King County Metro has been involved in the program since 2011.

How It Works

  • When a youth sees the Safe Place logo on an Everett Transit bus or building he or she will know it’s a safe place to go and ask for help.
  • Transit staff will connect teens seeking help with Cocoon House staff who are available 24 hours a day.
  • Cocoon House staff are specially trained to provide assistance to youth in crisis, whether that means getting them home safely, giving them access to housing, or connecting them with other needed services.
  • Immediate access to those resources is critical for any youth in a crisis situation, and Cocoon House is well-equipped to provide assistance and advocacy to troubled youth.

What Does Cocoon House Provide?

Cocoon House provides the following to teens ages 13-17 in Snohomish County:
  • Emergency shelter
  • Long-term transitional housing
  • Outreach
  • Essential services

Provided for Homeless & At-Risk Youth

  • Case management
  • Housing and counseling referrals
  • Employment and education training
  • Hot meals
  • Clothes and hygiene supplies

History & Purpose

The Safe Place program began in Kentucky in the early 1980s and has established programs in nearly every state. With community partners like Everett Transit offering an immediate respite for at-risk youth, one of the biggest obstacles to reaching out for help is addressed.