Bikes on the Bus

Bike Racks on Buses
Bikes travel free on public transportation on a first-come, first-served basis. If the bike rack is full, the driver may allow you to bring your bike on board the bus. However, safety and space for other passengers always takes priority over bicycles.

Every Everett Transit bus is equipped with a bike rack. It is your responsibility to load and unload your bicycle; the bus driver cannot assist you. Bikes may be loaded or unloaded at any bus stop. 

Bike Rack Basics
  • Before the bus arrives, remove loose items from your bike like water bottles, bike helmets or pumps.
  • Wait until the bus stops and make sure the driver sees you before stepping in front of the bus.
  • Un-latch the bike rack at the center handle and fold it down toward you.
  • Load your bike into the slots labeled for front and rear wheel. If there are no other bikes on board, load your bike in the front slots with the front wheel towards traffic.
  • Raise the spring-loaded support arm over the front tire to secure the bike.
  • At your stop, remind the driver you need to unload your bicycle and exit at the front door.
  • Move onto the sidewalk or shoulder and wait for the bus to pass before heading on your way.
Leave Your Bike on the Bus?
If you believe you have left your bike on an Everett Transit bus or at Everett Station, please contact Customer Service at 425-257-7773. We will try our best to locate it.

For items left on other agency buses (i.e. Community Transit, Sound Transit, etc.), please contact that agency directly.