Long Range Plan

This year Everett Transit will work with Fehr & Peers to develop a 20-year Long Range Plan for the agency. The plan will start with a public involvement process that will ask Everett residents, employees, and various stakeholder groups their vision for the agency and how Everett Transit can help fulfill the City’s long-term vision for mobility management in Everett. Following that direction, the consultants will develop a financially feasible and sustainable network that the agency would work towards putting in place in the future, along with service standards that will support its implementation. Completion of the plan is anticipated in the first quarter of 2018. 


January - May
  • Analysis of Transit Trends & Regional Planning Context
  • Financial Analysis
  • Visioning Outreach
June - September
  • Development of Service Plan Concepts
  • Service Plan Outreach
August - December
  • Development of a Preferred Network & Service Standards
  • Draft Plan
  • Draft Plan Outreach
January - March 2018
  • Final Plan

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Agreement approved by Council Dec. 21, 2016