2019 Fares

Starting January 1, 2019 customers of Everett Transit will notice an increase to local fixed route and paratransit fares. Fare increases will be completed in two incremental steps adjusting fares from $1 to $2 over a six month period. Fare increases will be seen across the board, including youth, senior/disabled and paratransit riders. 

Please see the 2019 Fares table on this page for a complete increase timeline.

EffectiveJanuary 1July 1

FareMonthly PassFareMonthly Pass
Senior & Disabled$0.50$18$0.50$18
All Riders$1.50$54$2$72
Set of 6 Tickets$9-$12-
  1. FAQ
  2. Paratransit
  • Will the fares on the Route 70 be affected?
    Everett Transit operates four morning and four evening weekday trips of the Route 70 between the Mukilteo Ferry Terminal and Boeing Gates.  Fares for the Route 70 are set to Community Transit’s local fare rate, which is currently $2.50.

  • Will children under 5 still ride for free?

  • Will a low income fare option be available?
    Individuals with Regional Reduced Fare Cards can continue to use the cards to board.  The agency is currently exploring whether to implement a local option for a low income fare.

  • Why are the fares increasing?
    The increased fares are a critical step for Everett Transit’s short- and long-term financial sustainability. Everett Transit has the lowest fares within the ORCA region and will continue to have the lowest fares even with the increase.

  • What outreach did you do to listen to the community?
    Everett Transit is committed to comprehensive and authentic community engagement.  We conducted nearly three months of outreach this past summer, filled with direct outreach by staff to riders on major affected bus routes, four public presentations, city council briefings, community events, on-bus ads and fliers, ads and posts on Facebook, and ads in local newspapers. We received nearly 200 completed survey response forms, with nearly 100 comments addressing the fare increase.

  • What are people saying about the fare increase?
    During our community outreach for both the agency’s long-range plan and the proposed service changes we asked people whether they supported fare increases.  Both times, approximately three-in-four people expressed support for increasing the fares to $2.  Our top comments were requests for the fare increases to be simplified and implemented more quickly.