Bike Loading & Unloading

Loading & Unloading [NNO 2018]

Bring your bike along to expand your range.

The basics

  • Every Everett Transit bus can carry two bikes on its front rack. There is no extra charge for your bike. Bikes are not allowed inside the bus, except for folded bikes.
  • Take your time while loading and unloading.  The more you combine biking with transit, the more confident and quicker you’ll become.  Everett Transit and our drivers are here to serve you.
  • Sit where you can keep an eye on your bike, then exit the front door and tell the driver you’re going to unload your bike.  Everett Transit is not responsible for the loss of your property.

Step-by-step guide: Loading your bike

  • Remove accessories
    Before the bus arrives, remove all accessories that add weight or could be jostled off the bike, such as bags, water bottles, and computers.
  • Get the driver’s attention
    Approach the bus from the curbside. Be sure the bus has come to a full and complete stop before getting in front of the bus, and look at the bus driver to confirm they see you.
  • Lower the rack
    Squeeze the rack handle upwards to release the folded bike rack. Lower the rack into the open position.
  • Place your bike in the rack.
    If the rack is empty, lift your bike into the rack space farthest from the bus.  Face the front wheel toward the hook.
  • Secure the support arm.
    Pull the support arm out and over the top of the front wheel.  Place the hook over the wheel and as close to the bike’s frame as possible.  The hook can rest on top of fenders; if your fenders protrude our more than a few inches, do not attempt to put the hook in front of the fender.

Step-by-step guide: Unloading your bike

  • Get the driver’s attention
    As you get off the bus via the front door, tell the driver you’re going to unload your bike.
  • Release the support arm
    Move the support arm down and out of the way.
  • Remove your bike. 
    Lift your bike out of the rack. If there isn’t another bike in the rack, return the rack to its folded position by squeezing the handle and lifting the rack toward the bus.  Quickly move your bike to the sidewalk, clear of the bus where you can put your bags, water bottles, and other accessories back onto your bike.

If you forget your bike on the bus, contact Everett Transit’s lost and found by calling 425-257-7777.  We hold bikes for 30 days, then donate them to the Sharing Wheels Community Bike Shop.