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Everett Transit's Long Range Plan

The Long Range Plan was adopted by Everett City Council on June 13. Thank you to those of you who engaged with us during the process! 


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Project overview

Everett Transit has connected the city of Everett’s neighborhoods and employment centers since 1893. Now it is time to think about connecting your future. In the next 20 years, Everett’s population is expected to grow by 40 to 60 percent. We need to keep pace with these changes and plan for our future transportation options through this long range planning process.

Everett Transit has developed a Draft Long Range Plan – our plan to meet the demand for local transit service for the next 20 years. 

Listening to the community

We conducted our first vision outreach process in June 2017, where we reached out to the community, providing information on our plan and requesting feedback through our transit values survey.

You can watch the video of our 
Visioning Workshop on YouTube.

We had over 1,000 people interacting with us either online or in person, and we received over 400 surveys that helped us understand your transit priorities and values. People told us to:

  • Keep working on our mission of local service, and
  • Focus on greater coverage and higher frequency service.
In October 2017, we reached out to the community to gather input on our frequency and coverage service options. These options outline how bus service could operate into the future in the city of Everett given growth in transit service to accommodate an anticipated increase in housing and jobs in the region. To learn more about our service options, view our fact sheet

Over 1,000 people engaged with us again during our second phase of outreach, either online or in person, and we again received over 400 surveys that helped us understand which service options community members value. You let us know that we should focus on the frequency service option but incorporate some elements from the coverage service option. 

During our third phase of outreach this March, we received over 100 surveys on our Draft Long Range Plan. Your feedback during the third phase helped us refine our Draft Plan, which will help us serve you for the next 20 years. 

Long Range Plan

To help us plan for the future, we looked at population and job growth, how the regional transit network will grow and change, emerging technologies and your transit priorities. We also completed a financial scenario analysis to help us understand the costs of our current and future network. 

After hearing from you this fall, we developed a Growth Network Plan – our plan to meet the demand for local transit service for the next 20 years. Specifically, the Growth Network Plan restructures and prioritizes service to support increased density and regional transit investments.  This plan will: 

Growth Network Plan outcomes

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How the Growth Network Plan could serve you
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Growth Network Plan map thumb
  • Increased frequency in downtown Everett
  • New service between Waterfront and Riverfront
  • More direct service on Broadway and 19th Avenue Southeast
  • Direct service between the proposed Mariner light rail station and Everett Mall
  • Increased frequency on West Casino Road
  • Restructured service:
    • From the Boeing-area to the Seaway Transit Center
    • In Evergreen and Pinehurst to better connect to future light rail and Boeing
    • To Paine Field and throughout Southwest Everett to connect to Everett Mall and future light rail

Funding near-term and long-term service

Today’s dollars don’t go as far in the future. We need to consider how to fund near-term and long-term service in the city to make sure we can get you where you need to go into the future. 

Looking to the future

In order to implement the Growth Network Plan and meet the city’s transit needs into the future, we will identify funding options and develop a funding strategy in the next few years. The Long Range Plan is independent of the City’s funding strategy; this is our vision for the future!

Funding today’s service

Through our financial analysis, we determined that our current level of service is not financially sustainable. We are considering options for funding our vision for the future, but we will still have to make some changes to current service to ensure that we remain financially sustainable. We call this our sustainable network. In the next couple of years, we’ll see how we can save additional funds by making adjustments to the following, as part of the sustainable network:
  • Fare structure
  • Paratransit policy
  • Additional fixed-route service adjustments
  • Operational efficiencies
These near-term adjustments reflect a change in current service. We remain focused on the priorities we heard from riders – transit service that is frequent and covers our city geographically. You can expect to hear from us as we begin to implement these changes.  

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