Employment Opportunities

Marketing & Design Specialist

$37.51 - $48.76/hour, plus (prorated) benefits
The City provides excellent benefits, including medical, dental, vision, retirement, and basic life insurance plans. Employees will also accrue vacation, sick, and holidays throughout the calendar year. For more information on benefits for this position, click here: Appointive Benefits.

Under the direction of the City’s Transportation Services Manager or their designee, assist in marketing and communications efforts to broaden transit use, engagement and involvement among transit customers and city residents.  An employee in this classification will design, coordinate and prepare ads, posters, pamphlets, brochures, publications, displays, signs and exhibits for informational, educational, marketing and promotional purposes using graphics software; and translate statistical and other data into maps, charts, graphs, illustrations, project slides, and other presentation media.  An employee in this classification may be assigned to direct the work of others and will provide oversight to other graphics and communications staff .  Work is reviewed by observation and through evaluations of reports and projects.  Some after hours and weekend work for events may be required.

Marketing and Design Specialist | Job Description [PDF]

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Fixed Route Operator & Paratransit Operator

Everett Transit is a division of the City of Everett, and offers service within Everett's city limits. At Everett Transit, you'll find a welcoming and close-knit atmosphere while enjoying a comfortable work life balance. Additionally, Everett Transit Operators receive:

  • Excellent pay with multiple step increases
    • Fixed Route Training Pay: $23.81
    • Fixed Route Operator: $27.66 - $35.37
    • Paratransit Training Pay: $19.38
    • Paratransit Operator: $21.51 - $31.59
    • Longevity pay, up to $1.09 per hour additional
  • Exceptional health and wellness benefits

If you don't have Commercial Driver License (CDL), that's okay! Being an effective Transit Operator and City of Everett employee requires more than just driving. Every day our Fixed Route and Paratransit Operators provide essential trip planning and wayfinding information to our customers, along with local and regional tourism knowledge, a warm smile, and of course a safe vehicle to travel in. No matter what Operator position you are interested in, we invite you to transfer your skills and help build a better Everett.

Learn about benefits and pay, visit: www.everetttransit.org/transferyourskills

City of Everett