Artwork & Photos

Visitors to Everett Station are treated to public art ranging from the spectacular to the subtle. The Station is host to pieces from the City of Everett Municipal Art Collection.

Come on in, wander the halls, and enjoy the art.

Weyerhaeuser Murals

The main feature at the Station are the Weyerhaeuser Murals, painted in the 1940s by Kenneth Callahan. The murals represent a unique and successful partnering of art and industry. Weyerhauesert Company commissioned Callahan to produce a work of art for the cafeteria for Mill B in Everett. They depict, step by step, the process of turning raw timber into finished lumber. The finished paintings fostered company pride and gave recognition to the loggers and mill workers.

An opportunity to showcase the murals came with the construction of the station. The peaked roof design matched the shape of the two large murals, which are now housed on the fourth floor. Wall niches are floors two and three were created to display the other murals without alterations to the art.
Paul Bunyan with axe painting

Bronze Ships

Judith and Daniel Caldwell created 29 cast bronze ships for the Waterways Map of the Great Hall floor. With inspiration from the 14th to 16th century Spanish and Portuguese mapmakers, the artists varied the size of the castings, mixing scale on the same plane. The castings represent vessels that have played a role in the history of Everett. 

You can make ship rubbing! Place sheet of paper over a ship. Lightly rub over the paper with the long, flat side of a crayon or graphite stick. Watch the ship appear!

Waterways map on floor

Other works

In addition to the larger pieces, nine Snohomish County artists have displayed their visions of Everett by contributing wall mounted artworks to the display Life in Everett.