Everett Transit Arrivals

2023 ETA Webpage Header
Everett Transit Arrivals (ETA) is an automated system that provides real-time bus arrival information. When you call or text the ETA phone number and input the bus stop number, the system provides the estimated time of arrival for all Everett Transit routes serving the stop. You can use the ETA system anytime, for any stop served by Everett Transit. All you need is a phone and bus stop number.

How to Use ETA

  1. Locate the bus stop number on the bus stop sign. This is the number printed horizontally just under the red swoosh on the sign. Every bus stop has a unique number.
  2. Call the ETA phone number at 425-312-6329.
  3. Once prompted, enter the bus stop number then press the # key.
  4. The system will give you real-time bus arrival information for all Everett Transit routes serving that stop.

Texting for Information
Alternately, you may text the bus stop number to 425-312-6329 to receive next bus arrival information.