Snow Routes & Service

During times of snowfall or icy conditions, Everett Transit may place specific routes on snow routes.

The snow route maps are available in the schedule book. You can download the PDF of those pages below.

Everett Station snow web

How Snow Routes Work

  1. When inclement weather arrives, snow routes will be determined on a route-by-route basis. This means that one route may be assigned a snow route while the other routes are operating normally.
  2. If a route is affected, its snow route will be assigned a letter, "A" or "B" indicating which section of the route will be affected. For example: Route 3 has two sections of roadway where snow accumulation compromises safe navigation. During snow events, we may announce that Route 3 South is operating on "Snow A," "Snow B," or both.
  3. Once declared, a snow route will remain in effect for at least four hours.
  4. Route information will be posted under Rider Alerts on our website, on our Facebook page and can also be accessed via our customer service phone line, 425-257-7777.

Routes with snow routes:  3, 6, 8, 18, 29 and 70. Routes NOT included in the booklet have no assigned snow route and are expected to operate on their normal route, even during snow!

Please be aware that as snow and icy conditions cause general traffic to slow it may also cause delays to bus service even if routes are using a snow route.

Do NOT use Everett Transit Arrivals (ETA) when snow routes are in place. The times will not be accurate, as the system cannot be updated for the short timeframes of the detours.

Snow Route Pages