Keeping your bike safe from thieves

Your bike is your prized position, but approximately half of all bicyclists will have their bike stolen at some point.  Here’s what you can do to keep it safe and increase the odds of getting it back if it’s ever stolen.

Register your bike on Bike Index

If your bike is ever stolen, you’ll need all the details about your bike (to report it to the police) and a community of people to look out for it on online resales sites.

Bike Index is the world’s most effective bike registry, giving you a 5x better chance of getting your stolen bike back.  It’s free and easy.  Be sure to include your bike’s serial number (usually on the bottom of the frame), and multiple photos of your bike.

Register your bike on Bike Index >>

Lock it properly

Always lock your bike using a strong lock to lock your bike’s frame plus one wheel to a fixed object secured to the ground, such as a bike rack.  For added protection, use an additional lock to secure your second wheel.

  • U-shaped locks made of hardened steel have proven to be most effective.  You should never use a cable as your primary lock.
  • Hiding your bike in a garage won’t prevent your bike from being stolen — often it’s worse as thieves know all the places bikes are parked and a hidden location is good place for a theft to go undetected.  Always lock-up, and try to lock-up in places where passive surveillance or security cameras provide additional eyes on your bike.
  • Remove your valuables. Thieves regularly steal lights, water bottles, and saddles/seats. Either fasten them to your bike or remove them when you park it.

For additional help in choosing a lock and instruction on how to lock your bike, visit Bicycle Security Advisors.

Lost your bike?

Leaving your bike on the bus

If you forget your bike on the bus, contact Everett Transit’s lost and found by calling 425-257-7777.  We hold bikes for 30 days, then donate them to the Sharing Wheels Community Bike Shop.

Getting your stolen bike back

  • Report it to the police
  • List it as stolen on Bike Index
  • Share the news with your social networks
  • Look out for it on sites like Craigslist, Offerup, eBay, and Facebook Market

For more recommendations on how to recover your bike, visit Bicycle Security Advisors.