Weekday Service: We are operating on an enhanced Saturday schedule. Meaning, we are running the Saturday schedule Monday through Friday with additional trips added (found here on-line, at timetables in bus zones and in a Supplemental Schedule available at Customer Service and on buses).  

Route 6 has been suspended so that we can provide essential service on our busiest routes and prevent crowding on buses. 

Saturday Service: There is no route 6. The rest of the schedule book, on-line schedule and timetables at bus zones are accurate. 

No Sunday service

Viewing Scheduled Times

  • Select your route from the list to the left.
  • The times shown for each route are for the more popular bus stops. These are called time points.
  • If the times for your bus stop are not displayed, use the time point that falls along the route prior to your stop as a guide for when your bus is scheduled to arrive.

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