Education & Training

Did you know?

  • That transit trips are 10 times safer (per mile) than car trips
  • Youth age 18 and under ride for free
  • Riding transit is a great way to reduce stress and complete tasks you may ordinarily not have time for, such as: reading, finishing work emails, meditation
  • Everett Transit offers free rider training and education

Education & travel training information

Everett Transit offers travel training for new riders and assists with field trip planning and safe riding education. We want to encourage and establish rider confidence through virtual and in-person rider education. This includes:

  • Rules of riding
  • How to find important information online
  • How to read a schedule book
  • Planning a trip
  • Getting started with your ORCA Card
  • Transferring buses
  • National Night Out & community events
  • and much more!

Contact Everett Transit by clicking the "Schedule an education & travel training session" link below.

Contact & Resources

Schedule an education & travel training session
Do you have an upcoming event or do you have interest in learning how to ride the bus? We can help! Complete the travel training contact form and schedule your education and travel training today.

Everett Station virtual tour
Visit our YouTube channel and share our Everett Station Virtual Tour with your class or organization. Part educational, part interactive, all fun!

Imagine Children's Museum
Everett Transit is proud to partner with Everett's Imagine Children's Museum. We encourage you to explore the world using transit while having a fun-filled day at I.C.M.

Safe Place
Everett Transit and Cocoon House have partnered with National Safe Place, a program designated to facilitate access to supportive resources for young people in crisis.