Planning a Trip

Everett Transit Staff Favorites

The links below are to apps and information Everett Transit staff find most helpful in their daily lives, we hope you find them just as helpful!

Whiz Transit App
Whiz is an easy to use and powerful trip planning app that works nation wide! Providing real-time bus locations, "catch your bus" alarms, and a sleek interface. Available for both iOS and Android.

Trip Planner
Recently updated to be even more powerful, Trip Planner will help you navigate not just Everett but the entire Puget Sound region.

Everett Transit Schedule Book
The Everett Transit schedule book is the best tool to keep by your side. Pick one up on your bus now!

Additional Tools

Going to Boeing
As the world's largest aerospace company and Everett's largest employer, Everett Transit wants to help get you to work safely! Click the link to discover local and regional bus routes, service maps, and additional employee tools. 

Getting to EvCC
Everett Transit is proud to work alongside Everett Community College to provide essential service to students and faculty. Click the link to discover local and regional bus routes, service maps, and additional tools.

Everett Transit Arrivals
Your next bus is coming but when will it be here? Everett Transit Arrivals can help answer that! Call or text your current bus stop number to 425-312-6329 and receive real-time bus arrival information.

One Bus Away
A tried and true phone app for local and regional bus service.

Transit App
A wonderful mobile trip planning tools for local and regional transit riders.

Bus Stop Locations
A great tool to find Everett Transit bus stops closest to you or where you need to go. Zoom in to your location on the map above and see what stop is closest to you!
*Red markers indicate major time points along routes

Bus Stop List
Do you need to find those cross street and bus stop closest to your location? This list offers information on Stop Number, Address, and ET routes.